Thursday, November 11, 2021

Dow's & Boeing's 100% bounce : Catching the stockmarket's pandemic rock bottom

On 19 Mar 2020, we called a bottom to Boeing at 88 usd after it went through a steep fall from 340 usd to 88 usd in 30 days. ( see pic below ) 

Two days prior, Boeing had announced it was seeking a jaw dropping  US Gov't $60 bn bailout  that was a shocker for the market but miraculously two days after our buy call , like clockwork,  Boeing bounced from 88 usd to the tee for a 120% rally in 5 days to 180usd.

It turned later out that Boeing  had raised 25bn usd from private markets where there are much less restrictions than a Govt bailout.

With the Boeing debacle out the way,  we also sensed the market is bottoming as Powell is hinting  at QE money printing and Trump is hinting at some trillion dollar stimulus package with strong bipartisan support 

So we made a bold call to the Dow Jones Index ( US30 )  bottoming at 18000. To be precise, the Dow only bottomed at 18200.

While waiting for the Dow to hit exactly 18000 or slightly below,  Senator Pelosi direct payments stimulus plan was floated around on Twitter on 24  Mar 2020 , we saw a clear bottom to the Covid crash & decided to jump in  at slight higher price of Dow then  at 19.9k and the rest is history . 

We happily  rode the Dow to 36200 for an almost 100% gain before we decided to ditch some for profits.( see below picture of the Dow ( US 30 ) chart and our  entry and exit prices & profits   )  


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