Friday, December 4, 2020

Moderna Vaccine fever : 88% gain or $2m in 8 days

   Snipers have been playing some of the Covid-19 Vaccine companies since the beginning of Covid crisis .  One of the vaccine players i would like to highlight here is the Moderna mRNA vaccine company.  We had started playing it from 30 usd earlier on just before  Dr Slaoui was appointed Trump's vaccine czar in project Warp Speed. 

As snipers, we prefer to enter a stock just before a fierce breakout or just before a fierce key reversal in order to reap minimum of 50% gains in days . The Moderna play here is just one example of a fierce breakout play shared by one of our snipers , entered after Moderna announced a  >90% effectiveness in their vaccine trials., reaping gains of  88% in just 8 days. The stock rapidly declined  27% or 50 usd after we exited  near peak at 170 usd to 130 usd. Therein lies the satisfaction of a precision fast punt so prevalent amongst the sniper trades.To sample such plays in realtime , click "like" and follow our FB page &  join Free Snipers whatsapp broadcast

Below are the freebee live calls on 19 Nov just before fierce breakout . Congrats to the freebees & snipers who participated ( some even riding since 30 usd )  . 
Those interested in the secrets of how to catch the fierce breakout just before it happens , catch the ride to the peak , pile in for that final fiercest burst of fire to peak & then short from the peak just before it crashes  such as you saw in the stocks above  here may want to join free webinar & free WhatsApp alerts - see   or

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