Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tesla Swing trade: 14% or $371k in 5 days

We have been playing Tesla swings for some time . see our  previous Tesla swings.

 The stockmarkets had a steady slide for 5 days into the elections . Just on the eve of the elections on 2 Nov , Snipers entered long into various tech stocks for their last long punt . Below picture illustrates a Tesla swing trade by one of the Snipers which bagged 14% or  $371k in 5 days swing trade , exiting on Monday when a President-elect called by the main stream media  was announced over weekend ,  upon which  we started our Shorts into tech stocks esp China tech stocks. More of this later

Those interested in the secrets of how to catch the ride to the peak , pile in for that final fiercest burst of fire to peak & then short from the peak just before it crashes  such as you saw in the stocks above  here may want to join free webinar & free WhatsApp alerts - see  http://finchartsniper.com/#event   or https://finchartsniper.blogspot.com/p/free-workshops-events.html

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