Thursday, November 11, 2021

240% gain on Tesla : Millionaire ride from 340 USD to 1200 USD just before Elon dumps


On 9 Sept 2020 after Tesla crashed 40% on a post share split,  Snipers call for a quick entry on the dip @ 340 usd for a fast punt to 450 usd ++ , and then on 24 Sept 2020 this time called for a longer ride with  entry on the dip at 350-370 and targeting 800-1000 USD.

Snipers immediately achieved a gain of 100% in 90  days as shared on 19 Dec 2020. Some took partial profits there while others press on the inexorable climb to 880 usd before tesla suffered a huge correction to 600 usd .
 As you can see on the chart above, some Snipers rode this 350-370 entry all the way to 1160- 1200 usd for a 240 % gain  or even much more with call options .  Tesla at  1200 usd  is  where we called for some serious profit taking  ( more of this in a future post ), just 2 days before Elon Musk announced his infamous twitter poll to vote whether he should  dump 10% of  his shares to pay some old debts which immediately led to a crash below 1k usd very briefly/.   

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