Friday, August 16, 2019

See you at INVEST FAIR @ Suntec Singapore this weekend

See you at INVEST FAIR @  Suntec Singapore

I will be sharing some techniques I used to predict market tops and bottoms of last 6 months in the 2 talks on Sat and Sunday at Suntec Singapore .

17 Aug  Sat   2.30pm – 3pm  Seminar room 4

  18 Aug  Sun  2.15pm – 2.45pm  Seminar  room 2 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

YZJ - Halted after free fall

On last Friday,  yet another China play or S chip  got halted after a free fall , but this time apparently due to fall out from the anti corruption campaign in China  where the YZJ Chief Ren Yuanlin is reportedly under investigation by Chinese authorities for association with the corruption case involving Liu Jianguo, the former party secretary of City of Jiangyin and Jingjiang, (原靖江市委书记刘建国) where YZJ started to grow its fortunes to what it is today from a shabby ship repair yard


Our last china play suffering a similar fate of  halt  after free fall  was BestWorld


Not that we did not see this coming , see

Actually all these falling of chips of whatever shade and color should come as no surprise , as we held a bearish view of the toppish market since 29 Jul 2019 ,   see

But credit goes into investigative work at Investingnote and the bear prowl who foresaw a storm brewing months earlier  in YZJ



I guess by now , one would do wise to avoid any China play on SGX , even the politically connected ones or Index stocks ( Recall China AviationOil,  Cosco etc ) , as  the entangled dark web of political connections in China can turn out to be a double edge sword.


Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Dow may crash after FOMC ( 2 am tonight SGT ) & second chance to short DBS

After a hectic day with shorting DBS at open and waiting for the big crash yet to come , there is not much to do besides looking at the Dow , abbrev for Dow Jones Industrial Index

The Dow is going to suffer a nasty fall, when the FOMC ( US Federal Reserve )  announces their interest rate cut at 2 am ( SG time ) tonite. Expecting a hawkish outlook from Fed Chairman and a resumption of tradewar tweets from Trump after this rate cut.  So enjoy the fireworks tonight  .

Just one more thing , after the impending Dow crash tonight , for encore, one can do well to buy DBS when it opens gap down tomorrow morning for a quick morning bounce to supply zone , say 26.80 to sell or short if you have forgotten to short the previous round as per last post just before earnings.

We are poised for another big fall from there to June lows as per last post on DBS peaking

Saturday, July 27, 2019

DBS earnings next week - poised for nasty fall after record earnings to June lows

DBS has been on a steady rise  since our call to the bottom on 3 June 2019


On coming Monday 29 Jul before market opens  , DBS will announce its Q2 earnings .

I expect another record earnings like the last time , but expecting the stock price to have a mute reaction as we are  near big supply  and Friday's Dow close was quite weak.

Expecting a weak gap up on open and then crash big time. Those holding DBS shares or call warrants for a swing or contra trade should do well to unload at open or even better short from open for a quick punt or a big short.

We'll see what happens on Monday. Cheers and cya next week.

Friday, July 26, 2019

YZJ - poised for nasty fall

 YZJ is making a contrarian move today falling from 1.52 two days ago to 1.43 today.  It has hit heavy supply  and broken serious demand   indicating a nasty fall to come.   Coming from China, it could mean yet another S chip scandal , but given YZJ management's long track record of delivering results and its political connections to the previous Jiangsu regime , things may be different than the usual S chip implosion .


I would avoid YZJ with a ten foot pole  .

Wednesday, July 17, 2019