Saturday, September 12, 2020

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Shorting Zoom's blowout earnings : $700k or 20% profits in 4 days

  On  31 Aug 5pm EST  ,   Zoom  announced blowout earnings.(  below pic ) . As expected,  the price action next day on 1 Sept was a big gap up from 320 to 470 ( see above pic )  and lingered there between 430 & 460 throughout the day ( see below chart ) .

As the day draws to a close,  we saw a topping pattern in both Zoom & Tesla  very familiar to Snipers. 

A freebee call to short both Zoom & Tesla via WhatsApp broadcast was given to freebee Snipers  before US markets closed but i guess most freebees in our SGT timezone were asleep by then

Come next day 2 Sept at the opening bell, many freebees entered shorts into Zoom . Zoom steadily plunged for consecutive 4 days without looking back from 440 to 346  .( see below pic )

When Zoom hit 347 last friday night , we noticed a bottoming pattern and alerted freebees to start closing their shorts to take profits. 

Below is one brave  freebee sharing his screenshot of his shorting results today. 

We immediately told him to reel in his profits ( some $900k in all ) by closing his shorts & to go long  as we expect Zoom to enjoy a steady fierce bounce pretty soon in this tech correction , when ? maybe tonight or  tomorrow

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Friday, August 14, 2020

RiverStone peaking profits : $82k or 11% in 24 hours

On 8 May when Riverstone,  one of the few high flying glove makers( Topglove, riverstone etc )  from Malaysia listed on SGX,  was hovering at 1.20-1.30 , we called a bullish breakout for Riverstone   where some Snipers rode it  from 1.30  to 2.40 . exited , took a 30 day break then rejoined the rally from 2.50 to recent 4.80.

On the 6 aug , anticipating a final burst of fire to the peak,   we piled on into our Riverstone positions , for our  last fast punt to the peak.  

Lo behold, true to prediction, the very next day , on 7 Aug friday , just before National Day weekend ,  Riverstone gap up 12%.  We detected the peaking and exited.

Below is one  Sniper's overnight trade on Riverstone's very recent last burst of fire to the peak @4.80 from 4.15 , reaping $82k or 11 %  in 24 hours with just 200 lots of Riverstone.

the screenshots he shared with me below speaks for itself ,  

Lo behold again, right after we exited near the peak at 468-80, Riverstone crashes to $4 post National day . see below pic Expecting riverstone  to crash some-more.

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Big Short on DBS - $177k profit in 30 days

Exactly 30 days ago, on 6 Jul 2020 ,  we made a call to short DBS @ 22.10 towards earnings( click here )  where we expected a high provision for Covid bad debts or NPL. 

Today , lo behold , DBS announced a 5-fold increase in NPL provisions due to Covid. Upon the bad NPL news, we immediately close our shorts @ 20.33 as we expect DBS to rise for next few days . One student Sniper raked in $177k as a result of this 30-day short. 

Below chart & profit statement screenshots he shared is self explanatory 
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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Fast punt shortingTesla , $17k in 2 days by student on his own

Recall we had started going long on Tesla  @ usd 550 at Covid bottom ,  just before the fierce breakout & some Snipers have taken massive $900k profits along the way  

Today, happy to receive a text from another student Sniper that he just made $17k shorting Tesla on his own .  below pics explains :

see below buy call on tesla 8 April when Tesla was about to make its breakout from 550 usd from Covid bottom ..where we started with productive journey with tesla

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