Saturday, November 13, 2021

700% returns on Crude oil futures etf : epic ride from pandemic bottom @10 USD to 80+ USD peak


"28 April 2020 - Crude Oil at 10 USD per barrel "  - that's the screaming news headlines on that fateful date ( see the date stamp on  Sniper Wealth Chat in WhatsApp  on above pic  - left window ) when i told the Snipers to go  grab every barrel of crude oil near above  $10  they can find.. 

I expected a multi-bagger ride out of this oil grab at these rock bottom prices never to be seen again.   What a wild x8 bagger ride we rode inexorably to the $84 peak  recently.

On that fateful day, the media was deluged with end of the world scenarios for crude oil prices from oil majors and top oil analysts alike ( see pic below for an excerpt on that day's news ) 

See above  pic for the chart on the epic price rally that ensued from that 10+ usd  that we entered ..

 See above pic also for   entry and exit prices executed & % profits earned   reflected at the bottom window of above pic at note C ( note the etf  prices have two extra digits than the WTI crude futures as the etf is transacted at 100 barrels per share )   

Some snipers who are options fans went in for the leveraged kill with crude call options which brought even much more returns than the mere 700% unleveraged returns of the etf . 

Looking back ... In that pandemic bottoming process of crude oil , many people who entered long much earlier and at higher prices than we did , lost their savings and got heavily indebted  ( see the unfortunate people who got wiped out on Bank of  China  investment products linked to crude futures )  while our  Snipers adroitly steered clear of  catching the crude oil falling knife  until it really bottomed out on 22 and 28 April 2020 .   

Why did the experienced market gurus or bottom pickers  jumped in earlier with bravado at say 30 USD before the relentless crash to zero & then  negative prices ? Well ,  all thanks & no thanks to Trump , read on ...  

A false floor to a falling knife :    On 13 Mar 2020 ,  many market  gurus made a fatal clarion call that killed their followers for good. That day, Trump  directed the US strategic petroleum reserves ( "SPR" ) to buy up crude oil in huge quantities  , apparently at 30-33 usd on that day's crude price ( see pic above note A and chart below from CNBC video screenshot   )   .  

 So these gurus told their followers to front-run on Trump's  strategic oil  purchase  , to jump in to catch the crude oil at 30 USD thinking it has bottomed out on Trump SPR backstop move. Little did they know US crude oil May futures  will continue to crash , in fact to zero and then to historic negative prices  5 weeks later .

If we had blindly acted on the Trump directive to SPR to buy crude at 30 usd before it crashed further to negative 5 weeks later  , we would be licking our wounds on margin calls and not have the precious bullets left to buy crude when it really hit bottom to form a base at 10 USD from which it rallied big time and in which we took full advantage of in our epic ride to 80 USD from 10 USD

On hindsight , it looked all so easy to catch this falling knife at the pandemic bottom and ride the mutli-bagger to peak.  but when you see the sorry suffering losers scattered everywhere  in this cautionary tale of an epic multi-bagger trade, it would be wise to pause and reflect on why only a select few survive and prospered ( attend our free webinar to find out  why ! )   while most got wiped out and never to recover .

Thursday, November 11, 2021

240% gain on Tesla : Millionaire ride from 340 USD to 1200 USD just before Elon dumps


On 9 Sept 2020 after Tesla crashed 40% on a post share split,  Snipers call for a quick entry on the dip @ 340 usd for a fast punt to 450 usd ++ , and then on 24 Sept 2020 this time called for a longer ride with  entry on the dip at 350-370 and targeting 800-1000 USD.

Snipers immediately achieved a gain of 100% in 90  days as shared on 19 Dec 2020. Some took partial profits there while others press on the inexorable climb to 880 usd before tesla suffered a huge correction to 600 usd .
 As you can see on the chart above, some Snipers rode this 350-370 entry all the way to 1160- 1200 usd for a 240 % gain  or even much more with call options .  Tesla at  1200 usd  is  where we called for some serious profit taking  ( more of this in a future post ), just 2 days before Elon Musk announced his infamous twitter poll to vote whether he should  dump 10% of  his shares to pay some old debts which immediately led to a crash below 1k usd very briefly/.   

Dow's & Boeing's 100% bounce : Catching the stockmarket's pandemic rock bottom

On 19 Mar 2020, we called a bottom to Boeing at 88 usd after it went through a steep fall from 340 usd to 88 usd in 30 days. ( see pic below ) 

Two days prior, Boeing had announced it was seeking a jaw dropping  US Gov't $60 bn bailout  that was a shocker for the market but miraculously two days after our buy call , like clockwork,  Boeing bounced from 88 usd to the tee for a 120% rally in 5 days to 180usd.

It turned later out that Boeing  had raised 25bn usd from private markets where there are much less restrictions than a Govt bailout.

With the Boeing debacle out the way,  we also sensed the market is bottoming as Powell is hinting  at QE money printing and Trump is hinting at some trillion dollar stimulus package with strong bipartisan support 

So we made a bold call to the Dow Jones Index ( US30 )  bottoming at 18000. To be precise, the Dow only bottomed at 18200.

While waiting for the Dow to hit exactly 18000 or slightly below,  Senator Pelosi direct payments stimulus plan was floated around on Twitter on 24  Mar 2020 , we saw a clear bottom to the Covid crash & decided to jump in  at slight higher price of Dow then  at 19.9k and the rest is history . 

We happily  rode the Dow to 36200 for an almost 100% gain before we decided to ditch some for profits.( see below picture of the Dow ( US 30 ) chart and our  entry and exit prices & profits   )  


Saturday, August 21, 2021

BIG Short on BABA( Alibaba) & chinese techs at historic peaks ( against Ray Dalio & Munger long bets )

Calling top to BABA historic peak 

On 6 Nov 2020, when Alibaba or BABA was near historic peak at 287-288, we call a big short on BABA by going big into BABA put options and warrants, short DLCs with Sniper Wealth Chat & freebee Sniper broadcasts. ( see picture below for that big short call on the left ) 

On 24 Nov 2020, we entered our second big short on BABA during the pull back at 280, despite fresh news that day that Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates ( world biggest hedge fund ) is pouring big money into BABA.. ( see picture below for that second big shot call on the right ) 

today, BABA is at 157, down about 45%.   We expect more downside to BABA  & similar Chinese big techs as the relentless Chinese regulatory train-wreck continues.    Attend Snipers free webinars to find out why ,. WhatsApp ( 87124341 ) giving  your (nic) name  & email .

  With specific call to action, we also told Snipers to buy and bought they did ton loads of  BABA short DLCs on that 6 nov 2020 big short call which almost doubled in 4 days  ( see below )  . 

BIG short on other China bigtechs

As encore, on 22 Mar 2021, we also call a big short on Chinese big techs when Hang Seng index was about to breakdown from its topping formation and breakdown fast it did right after the call.   More of this in a future post.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Riding cryptos since X'mas : > 200% returns in 2 months on ETH, BTC

Since X'mas 2020 way before Elon Musk announced Tesla has bought USD1.5bn worth of bitcoin ( BTC)  , we have have riding the crypto rally, mainly bitcoin & ether . We have been taking partial profits on the way up since yesterday. 

Below is a position statement from one of the freebee snipers who entered BTC at 24k+ usd  on our freebee buy call on X'mas and has been riding to 55k usd this morning , planning to take  profits soon as it hits 58k - 62 usd region   We will re-enter on a big correction  after that for good ride to 65k USD. 

here is a closing statement from a sniper who entered a crypto called ether  or ETH at X'mas & made more than 200% on the ride in 2 months from 644 usd all the way to 19k usd closing just yesterday, reaping $33k on 20 ETH contracts . Congrats but we expect ETH to go much further when it implements its proof of stake algorithm to reduce electricity consumption and to lower gas fees.  so we will keep a close watch on this one and its competitors Cardano and Solana as well.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Buying Tesla on the dip @ 360 USD , up 100% in 90 days , targeting 800 USD


On 24 Sept 2020  , we made a buy call to Student snipers & freebee snipers ( public )  to enter tesla on the dip at 350 - 370 usd  to sit for a long ride to 800 USD. 

 So far, after 90 days , we had achieved 100% gain in returns . see call in whatsapp chat( left window )  & chart ( right window )  above.  Tesla 800 USD here we come! 

All calls in Whatsappp chats to student snipers & freebee snipers will be shared live to attendees of our free webinars.  

Friday, December 4, 2020

Moderna Vaccine fever : 88% gain or $2m in 8 days

   Snipers have been playing some of the Covid-19 Vaccine companies since the beginning of Covid crisis .  One of the vaccine players i would like to highlight here is the Moderna mRNA vaccine company.  We had started playing it from 30 usd earlier on just before  Dr Slaoui was appointed Trump's vaccine czar in project Warp Speed. 

As snipers, we prefer to enter a stock just before a fierce breakout or just before a fierce key reversal in order to reap minimum of 50% gains in days . The Moderna play here is just one example of a fierce breakout play shared by one of our snipers , entered after Moderna announced a  >90% effectiveness in their vaccine trials., reaping gains of  88% in just 8 days. The stock rapidly declined  27% or 50 usd after we exited  near peak at 170 usd to 130 usd. Therein lies the satisfaction of a precision fast punt so prevalent amongst the sniper trades.To sample such plays in realtime , click "like" and follow our FB page &  join Free Snipers whatsapp broadcast

Below are the freebee live calls on 19 Nov just before fierce breakout . Congrats to the freebees & snipers who participated ( some even riding since 30 usd )  . 
Those interested in the secrets of how to catch the fierce breakout just before it happens , catch the ride to the peak , pile in for that final fiercest burst of fire to peak & then short from the peak just before it crashes  such as you saw in the stocks above  here may want to join free webinar & free WhatsApp alerts - see   or

Sniper precision multibagger trades ( recent )

700% returns on Crude oil futures etf : epic ride from pandemic bottom @10 USD to 80+ USD peak

  "28 April 2020 - Crude Oil at 10 USD per barrel "  - that's the screaming news headlines on that fateful date ( see the dat...