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As i have received requests for training from time to time in the past , I create this tab to consolidate the requests . Please WhatsApp +65-87124341   if you are  interested in learning the trading skills that allowed me the precision  .. Leave behind name, hp no,  trading experience, courses attended, blogs followed , results achieved  etc etc  ie. whatever u like to write for me to know you better .
Above : Freebees braved the Covid-19  to learn the critical skills to make consistently insane profits  after experiencing  easy profits following Sniper precision  trades through free Sniper WhatsApp Broadcast :     

the course outline is set as follows( subject to changes -- will elaborate more at the previews before you sign up) :

 Advanced stock operator maneuvers & swing secrets and index trading : Anticipating, Catching & Riding market waves with the big boys who manipulate the markets:

Understanding why companies list on the stock exchange

Understand the nature of market waves
Understanding the public mind when they trade
What the trading education market teaches the public
Understanding the newsflow 

Understanding the stock analyst mind when they analyse
Understanding the big boy minds when they operate, how they rig the market in their favor, how they create panic and excitement , fear and hope

Understanding & detecting false breakouts ,  covert & overt buying and selling . 
Vivid lessons & war stories from the past : my million dollar wins & losses in the stockmarket, how the  story of 3 kingdoms & the 36 strategems of deception is being applied in the markets everyday
Understanding your own mind & timeframe when you trade
Understanding & reading the often misunderstood forces of supply and demand
Understanding beyond the cliches of money management rules & trading psychology or behavioural finance ;

keeping a trading journal & avoiding overtrading impulses
Understanding  sector rotations &  phases of accumulation/distribution/markup/markdown.
determining precise entry / exits & risk/ reward directly from the charts & position sizing /scaling, where to place stops , take profits , protect capital
Understanding & using leveraged instruments : eg. warrants , futures & options

How to trade the indexes - STi, Dow , S&P, Dax etc overnite and intraday . 
How to do contra trading with zero capital  - enter just minutes to hours before breakout and exit before T+5 
Exploiting inter market correlations
entering before breakouts , entering on reactions and entering on the turn
Calling tops & bottoms : knowing when fear and euphoria is at its zenith
go through many examples of prescience and precision 

post-course followup activities:  live chats & live sessions , revision & new technqiue sharing classes etc 

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