Saturday, August 21, 2021

BIG Short on BABA( Alibaba) & chinese techs at historic peaks ( against Ray Dalio & Munger long bets )

Calling top to BABA historic peak 

On 6 Nov 2020, when Alibaba or BABA was near historic peak at 287-288, we call a big short on BABA by going big into BABA put options and warrants, short DLCs with Sniper Wealth Chat & freebee Sniper broadcasts. ( see picture below for that big short call on the left ) 

On 24 Nov 2020, we entered our second big short on BABA during the pull back at 280, despite fresh news that day that Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates ( world biggest hedge fund ) is pouring big money into BABA.. ( see picture below for that second big shot call on the right ) 

today, BABA is at 157, down about 45%.   We expect more downside to BABA  & similar Chinese big techs as the relentless Chinese regulatory train-wreck continues.    Attend Snipers free webinars to find out why ,. WhatsApp ( 87124341 ) giving  your (nic) name  & email .

  With specific call to action, we also told Snipers to buy and bought they did ton loads of  BABA short DLCs on that 6 nov 2020 big short call which almost doubled in 4 days  ( see below )  . 

BIG short on other China bigtechs

As encore, on 22 Mar 2021, we also call a big short on Chinese big techs when Hang Seng index was about to breakdown from its topping formation and breakdown fast it did right after the call.   More of this in a future post.

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