Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Shorting Tesla & Zoom - $1.8m or 20% profits in 72 hours

On 31 Aug, anticipating a Tesla peak post-split  , we ploughed all in for the final burst of  fire to the peak  & were promptly rewarded  within 24 hours  . See screenshot below from one of our Snipers.

On 1 Sept , we saw the peaking pattern of many big tech stocks such as Tesla , Zoom etc & went into a shorting spree of big techs.

Below is a screenshot  of a Tesla shorting spree trade shared by one of the Snipers ( see pic below which is self explanatory ) .

 below is some profit statement returns shared by some Snipers :

On same day, some Snipers also shorted Zoom post earnings( below is a screenshot shared by a Sniper ) 

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