Friday, August 14, 2020

Exiting & Shorting Riverstone peak : $82k or 11% overnight

 On 8 May when Riverstone,  one of the few high flying glove makers( Topglove, riverstone etc )  from Malaysia listed on SGX,  was hovering at 1.20-1.30 , we called a bullish breakout for Riverstone   where some Snipers rode it  from 1.30  to 2.40 . exited , took a 30 day break then rejoined the rally from 2.50 to recent 4.80.

On the 6 aug , anticipating a final burst of fire to the peak,   we piled on into our Riverstone positions , for our  last fast punt to the peak.  

Lo behold, true to prediction, the very next day , on 7 Aug friday , just before National Day weekend ,  Riverstone gap up 12%.  We detected the peaking and exited.

Below is one  Sniper's overnight trade on Riverstone's very recent last burst of fire to the peak @4.80 from 4.15 , reaping $82k or 11 %  in 24 hours with just 200 lots of Riverstone.

the screenshots he shared with me below speaks for itself ,  

Lo behold again, right after we exited near the peak at 468-80, Riverstone crashes to $4 post National day . see below pic Expecting riverstone  to crash some-more.

Those interested in the secrets of how to catch the ride to the peak , pile in for that final fiercest burst of fire to peak & then short from the peak just before it crashes  such as you saw in the stocks above  here may want to join free webinar & free WhatsApp alerts - see   or

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