Sunday, March 22, 2020

BIG short into Covid crash of 2020 : 30% gain on HSI & S&P 500 tailspins

 Above pic shows the sequence of events which led us to handsome profits from the market tailspin emanating from the Wuhan Coronavirus incidents..  

From 14 to 23 Jan 2020,  WHO ( World Health Organization) had denied there was human to human transmission of the SARS virus detected first detected in Wuhan City,

Despite WHO denials , starting from 18 to 24 Jan 2020 , our Snipers started their big shorts into the HK Hang Seng index or HSI , fearing that the Coronavirus situation is spreading fast & deadly. Additionally , we had detected peaking signals from various stock indices, esp asian stock indices & then later the S&P 500 index & airlines as well

On 23 Jan 2020 , China imposed a sudden lockdown on Wuhan City and global markets went into tailspin.  Our shorts profited handsomely from the ensuing  crash from the Wuhan lockdown .

Below  pic shows the short call made in WhatsApp screenshot on the left   and the resultant  30% crash on the HSI on the right , shorting all the way into 23 Mar 2020 when it bottoms out .

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