Quitting my job: precision trades

Why did I quit my $200k a year day job in 2008 ?

Besides getting sick of corporate life, getting a taste of precision trading is the main reason :

After many years of having big gains in a bull market only to lose it all back in a crash , my revelation moment came in 2007.

In that year , I started my swing trading journey,  making few tens to a hundred of thousands per swing( 3-5 days duration )   on zero capital and 15 minutes a day with a technique so precise that it can be used on the highly leveraged structured warrants listed on SGX that give very high percentage returns compared to the underlying stock

For example , DBS stock could return on average 1-2 % a day, but DBS warrants could return 10-20% a day. Multiply that with a contra trading account requiring no cash upfront and you get the x 100 multiplier effect.

But warrant trading requires perfect precision in both price & timing and consistency due to time decay.

Anything less will wipe out the account. so warrant trading is godsend steroids for precision traders, but a fast lane to hell for the slipshod traders. That is why only the best of the best traders dare touch these structured warrants.

To commemorate that watershed milestone where i made the biggest career change of my life to financial freedom, I have kept  for posterity those contra statements that aggregated to $1m of profits in 3 months that inspired me to quit my day job ..

here are contra statement samples of what i can find of those precision warrant trades , making 50% - 100% returns with zero capital within contra period that inspired  me to quit my day job in 2008 and i have never looked back since


  Aggregate $230k profits for one contra swing trade of 3 day duration   

Aggregate $95k profit for one contra swing trade of 2 day duration    

  .$73k profit in 2 day contra trade.... 

$63k profit in 2 day contra trade 

More to follow...

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