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About Bill Eng - : " Embrace Greed with Precision " 

Bill Eng is a self-made millionaire stockmarket speculator, an award-winning physicist/inventor  from Cambridge & fintech entrepreneur who cracked the secret code of Wall Street with precision solutions

Bill has received top fintech awards from MAS, top Swiss/Euro/USA banks & asset/wealth management industry. see here )

He has been invited by wealth/asset management industry to  ICC (HK) & Wall St (NYC) to share his views with financially savvy audience coming from Goldman Sachs, UBS, CS, JPMC, hedge funds etc

Bill's achievements are  featured in Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, media of wealth/asset management industry, and locally via InvestFair, Traders Fair, local brokerages etc 

Bill approaches the markets uniquely from a pure game-theoretic approach - that of reading market operator vs public mind-set through the charts and applying the laws of supply/demand to derive the precision price solutions.

He has shared his revolutionary approach with students since 2009,  some of whom went on to become successful full-time traders & asset/wealth managers.

Over the past years, in public forums & student chatrooms & his popular yet exclusive Free Snipers WhatsApp broadcast, Bill was able to make calls on major turning points and breakouts in the US and local markets with unprecedented accuracy & prescience that allowed him and his followers to reap insane profits from the ensuing market swings - precise bottoms or tops to many stocks and indexes which continue to amaze and draw a big public following, including top traders & hedge funds.  ( see here   ,  here , here , herehere here ,here )

Bill enjoys making live market calls to students in a chatroom or public forums before the event as it unfolds ,live entries leading to live exits,  instead of merely showing big trades already won as per usual previews common to many educators. 

Here are some testimonies from freebees and students who enjoyed the calls from Bill's free Sniper  calls on WhatsApp

Bill can be contacted at WhatsApp @ (65) 871 24341

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